Whether it's building a class castle from popsicle sticks, self portraits, or learning about Michael Angelo...we have fun as we learn about the importance and beauty of art in every form.


In our hands on cooking lessons our students learn about nutrition, measuring solids and liquids, following directions and being good helpers. And they LOVE to eat the end result of their hard work!

Dance, Yoga & Music

Our dance and yoga classes incorporate music and movement, coordination, and creativity. Students show case what they've learned at our annual winter and spring shows.

Science & Math Lab

We can make a play-doh volcano erupt, create a human dodecahedron and explore nature.

  • "This school is absolutely amazing. My son asks if he can go to school even on the weekends. United Children's Learning Academy prides itself in it's education and it shows. I'm astonished with the knowledge my child comes home with every day."

    Matt P. (parent)
  • "What we love the most about this school is how each child is an individual here. Truly. They see each child for his/her abilities and potential and they nurture and challenge each child accordingly."

    Loreni D. (parent)
  • "This is a terrific school. My son attends the pre-school program and he couldn't be happier. The staff is attentive, responsive, patient, and positively care for all of the children. The facilities are amazing and I just feel my son's education is so much richer than it was at his previous school."

    Joel Z. (parent)
  • "The school is super accommodating to both working parents and stay-at-home parents and they offer a wide range of options to get involved. Plus the administration AND teachers are always open to new ideas so we love feeling like we're an integral part of our child's early learning."

    R.M. (parent)